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... a roller coaster ride full of heart pounding excitement!

Fast moving!

Intelligent, realistic thriller. Well researched. I can hardly wait for the next book!

Intensive non-stop action!

I have literally been reading for six hours ...


Well-crafted plot, expertly and entertainingly told. Rich characters, even richer details.

Exciting story

A fast-paced story with plenty of twists and turns that was hard to put down from start to finish.

Can't wait for the sequel!

The only time I was disappointed while reading this book when there were no pages left to read.

Discover the

Trey Stone Series

About the Author

Conrad Brasso has traveled extensively. Fluent in multiple languages and experienced in cross-cultural interactions, he brings a broad international scope to his stories. Non-stop action, thick plot lines and strong, reliable characters make for memorable and enjoyable reading.

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Trey and his team are tasked with delicate covert surveillance in the world of celebrities and Hollywood
A-listers. But before the show can get underway everything goes wrong when one of their own is taken out of play and they don’t even know how.

Do they abort and withdraw or do they carry on in spite of the risk to their cover and their mission? Trey is forced to adapt and improvise. He must decide if his training and instincts are enough to get it done, or if the safety of his team requires them to stand down. This prequel story will have you on the edge of your seat.

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